(From 12pm to 10pm every Saturday)

Ethnicity Filipina
Age 20
Hair Brown
Height 5'1
Weight 90lbs
Breast 32B
Foot Size
Sign Cancer
Languages English & French (basic)

Her Scenarios

  • Regular massage
  • Nuru Massage
  • Feetish
  • Nuru extreme
  • Four hands
  • Couples date night massage
  • The spectators massage

Her Hours

Monday 10h - 20h
Wednesday 10h - 20h
Saturday 10h - 20h


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 6 reviews
Dream Girl

I feel so lucky to have met Ava this summer. She is a young lady that can be appreciated on many levels. My initial impression was of her facial beauty, femininity and exquisite and toned petite figure. But as we interacted during our sessions, her charm, wit and intelligence took me to the next level of appreciation. Truly a Dream Girl.

And also a shout out to the friendly and hard-working front desk staff at Nuru. True professionals.

by Rita Miller on Blank Business Name
The Right Mix

On my first night when I arrived the place was getting busy, but I still had several girls to choose from. I left to “pick up” some dinner. Ava was of course busy with another client, so I waited for an hour because she’s so worth it. We have gotten to know each other and each session keeps getting better. I have reached a point where engaging with her mind and talking is just as pleasurable as the physical engagement we have had in the past. I keep notes on stories I want to share with her because when I have someone like Ava in my presence she is such a breath taking distraction, I can barely remember anything. It feels like my thoughts just leak out of my brain when she’s in front of me and I can never get them to come out when I need them to, no matter how hard we try. During my very first sessions we were dripping in nuru gel and each other’s sarcasm, but these days it was the right mixture of everything.

I do need to take a moment to recognize a special part of the visit, which lately is a highlight for me. Being greeted by Renee is truly an experience. I have worked for and visited businesses that are leaders in their industry, and quality service is a vital component to their success. If you are met by Renee she has a warm calmness that impacts you at the door. That smile, hello, and charisma, lead up to her patience to review the options and prices, with no surprise fees at the end. You then hear the words, “now follow me,” and her sexy walk with clipboard in hand begins, mixed with the echoes of her shoes on the marble floor, like her own movie soundtrack. On Monday, Renee’s sexy red lip stick greeted me and said we have a recent development. She informed me with that hypnotic smile that Ava was working, but I said it doesn’t hurt to look at the rest of the menu even if you stick to a diet that makes you feel good. Renee then asks me to follow her and surprises me with a request I made the other night, but this time she could accommodate. I still ended up choosing Ava even though I had several other options. As I encountered Renee during my exits that same radiant smile inquired about the experience wanting to make sure I left happy. I told some girls how I adore Renee and they all confirmed independently, “Renee is the F——ing best!”

by Rita Miller on Blank Business Name
The Sweetest

This was my third time with Ava. The previous reviews say it all -absolutely stunning and the sweetest girl. She recognized me after almost 6 months. We greeted each other with some warm sarcasm. I found her so kind when asking me for feedback in her skills and how things feel. We agreed that both of us can be fairly calm and quiet at times. She times everything just right and will not make you feel rushed. She demonstrated her alter ego to me when a client provides her positive feedback, verbal or non verbal, and it had me laughing and giggling. Thanks, Ava!

by James T. Kirk on Blank Business Name
Best birthday ever

"Sweet, petite and ever so neat". Had a great time Ava cause she's fun to talk to, great to look at and has that magic touch. Can't wait to see her again, thank you Ava ;)

by Oda Mae Brown on Blank Business Name
The Hot Compress

Ava is this absolutely stunning girl that is so gentle and pleasurable. I loved her soft skin and she explained her moisturizing routine. Ava is so cute to watch as she showers and then assembles the use of oils or gels because she does it so fast. I explained she can take her time, but pleasantly replies, "I do not want to take up your time." Ava is petite and has a great body with the gentlest of touches who will adapt to your requests. I called her a hot compress because her body was so warm to the touch.

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